Epiros Light: EPIROS Light White is a white cheese product in brine. It’s made of 100% Greek, partly skimmed, fresh milk and its fat content is barely 12%. EPIROS Light is part of the successful EPIROS range of products and was produced to cover the need for low fat white cheese, following contemporary consumer trends.

Epiros Feta Reduced Salt: Feta PDO Reduced Salt is the traditional, authentic Greek feta. The only difference is that it contains 40% less salt than the original feta cheese. 3 years of research and testings led to the production of this product, in order to maintain its PDO characterization.

Epiros Goat Cheese: Goat Cheese is a traditional product that has been a part of Greek nutrition since classical times; it is in fact mentioned in Homer’s Iliad. EPIROS Goat Cheese is produced from 100% pure goat’s milk, by free range goats, and its main characteristics are its bright white colour and strong taste, that is spicy and peppery.