Talagani* is a traditional 100% Greek cheese, handmade from sheep’s and goats’ milk.

Handmade grilled cheese!

It is usually enjoyed grilled but can also be used as an ingredient in a variety of creative recipes and it comes in two flavors: Plain and smoked.
Thanks to its composition, when grilled it retains its strong, full flavor, rich aromas and the hint of mint that give it its distinct character. The most impressive thing about Talagani is that it cooks without melting, retaining its shape while its texture becomes chewy.
It is easy and quick to cook on a grill or in a non-stick pan and can be enjoyed on its own – as an excellent accompaniment to wine, ouzo or raki – or in salads, snacks and any other recipe you may imagine!
Its unique character has, so far, won Talagani 9 awards in national and international competitions, while it is widely preferred by famous chefs and restaurants all around Greece.
Talagani cheese is made with care, according to the traditional recipe of the Apostolou family, a family with deep knowledge in the process of sheep’s milk and the production of handmade procedure.
Talagani is a traditional handmade cheese, produced by 100% sheep’s and goat’s milk. It is ideal for the grill use because of its consistency. It maintains the rich taste and the subtle hints of of spearmint. What will impress you though is that talagani keeps its shape even when grilled without melting,while it obtains a characteristic chewy texture.
Smoked Talagani Cheese!
It has the distinctive flavor and fragrances that the natural smoking procedure gives to the product.
Smoking procedure takes place in special racks with beech leaves and lasts at least seven hours.
It can be an excellent grilled cheese (plain without oil). The ideal snack for your wine or spirit.
Blends perfectly with green salads and boosts your meal prompting in exceptional culinary creations! A cheese with character that has won 9 awards in national and international competitions and which is preferred by chefs and restaurants throughout Greece.
So simple to cook and to use, with the attribute to convert your dishes to culinary wanderings!
Suitable for vegetarians!   


  • 220gr vacuum (2 portions of 110gr each)
  • 1 kg vacuum
  • in sticks 20*20
*Talagani was named after a Greek shepherd’s traditional winter cape.
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PER 20g
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